Why Choose us?

All the products are specifically designed with breastfeeding mums in mind. We provide delicious and easy products to help mammas with a little boost when they need it. All the products have a long shelf life of 12 months so are great for those days where you need a little boost.

How do our Products work?

We have Carefully chosen natural ingredients for breastfeeding mums. These are special ingredients are call Galactagogues and these work by simulating the breast milk Hormone called Prolactin. This may not work for every mum as the cause for a low milk supply will depend on the situation and health. If a mum is struggling with a low milk supply we also encourage them to speak to a lactation consultant to find the cause.

What is in our Products?

The active ingredient is Galactagogue which has been shown to help simulate the hormone substance called Prolactin that helps produce breast milk.

Galactagogue can came in many of forms. Here are the once we have in our produces

Oats, Brewer’s Yeast, Flaxseed, Nettle, Red Raspberry Leaf, Anise, Fennel, Goats Rue, Blessed Thistle, Caraway, Vervain and Lemon grass.

Do your products work for pregnant women?

Technically you can only boost your milk supply once your milk has had a chance to come in, This happens after baby has been born. Some mothers choose to take our products towards the end of their pregnancy and noticed an increase in colostrum. That is useful if you are expressing colostrum. If you choose to take our product during pregnancy, we recommend only 1-2 serves until bub is born.

Although all of our premixes, cookies and shakes are pregnancy safe we think it is a great idea to talk to your Doctor/Midwife/OB to see if it safe for you during this time.

How many Cookies should a breastfeeding mum eat?

Everyone’s body reacts differently as some have noticed a huge difference with 1 cookie and others may require 1-3.

We recommend that you have 1-4 serves of our products per day to once baby is born and to either increase or decrease these amounts depending on their needs.

If you are collecting colostrum you just need to be careful as some of the teas you cannot have while pregnant.

When can I start using your products?

You can start using these products as of 35 weeks. If you are wanting to collect colostrum eating the cookies or drinking the shake/ Teas will help you collect a good amount of colostrum before you have baby.

I do not have issues with my supply can I still use them?

Yes of course you can they will give your supply the support it needs.

What else can I do to help promote my milk supply?

  • Skin to Skin contact - this release prolactin and stimulate oxytocin, two hormones to help produce milk supply
  • Breast Compression – a method of gently squeezing the breast as you nurse to encourage milk glands to let down milk.
  • Comfortable position during Breastfeeding
  • Frequent feeding or pumping sessions
  • Drinking plenty of water
  • Eating a health balanced diet always helps too.

Try to avoid wearing bras and top too tight as this can affect your supply.