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Breastfeeding Chocolate

Breastfeeding Chocolate

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Becoming a mother is the most unexplainable emotion in the world. The maternal bond is a precious relationship between a mother and her child, both physically and emotionally.

Our beautiful breastfeeding chocolate has been designed with mother and baby in mind, encouraging the mother to take some time to nurture and nourish her body as she is giving so much of herself in this chapter of her Journey.

The bonding experience only Mother and baby share; when a baby latches on to their mother's breast, many nerves within the mother's nipple becomes activated as a result. This sets hormones in motion throughout a mother's system. Two of these hormones are prolactin, which boosts the mother's milk supply, and oxytocin, which releases milk. These two hormones increase calmness and positive feelings in the nursing mother.

Our beautiful Breastfeeding Chocolate has been designed with herb-blessed thistle and also brewers yeast. These two supplements were chosen specifically for their benefits in stimulating and supporting lactation. Blessed thistle supports the "letdown reflex" while brewers yeast supports milk production. Working incredibly together.


Natural, Vegan, Dairy-Free, Refined Sugar-Free.

Ingredients - Cacao Mass, Cacao Butter, Coconut Sugar, Sunflower lecithin, blessed thistle, brewers yeast, vanilla bean, Sea Salt


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