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Mummas Got Milk

Gluten Free and Plant based Chocolate Milk Shakes

Gluten Free and Plant based Chocolate Milk Shakes

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Smooth, sweet, and creamy Mumma Shakes that taste like a real milkshake!

Just add your Mumma Shake to milk or a milk alternative such as rice milk, almond milk, or oat milk and SHAKE. For the fluffiest milkshake, we recommend mixing your shakes with a protein mixer

    Our Gluten Free Mumma Shakes are gluten-and dairy-free and, vegan-friendly so mums or bubs with allergies need not miss out. We use a specialized Brewers Yeast for our Gluten Free mixes that is different from "normal" Brewers Yeast and has no traces of allergens  

    Gluten-Free Chocolate Ingredients: gluten-free brewer’s yeast, sucrose, organic cacao powder 25%, acai powder, organic beetroot powder. * Contains No allergens

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