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Reusable Night Nursing Pads - 4pk

Reusable Night Nursing Pads - 4pk

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Wear, Wash & Reuse

Lactivate® Ultra Absorbent Nighttime Reusable Nursing Pads have four layers of defense against milky spills. A silky soft bamboo layer that is closest to the skin, a double layer of ultra-absorbent microfibre, and an outer leakproof TPU layer.

Each pack contains 4 reusable, eco-friendly breast pads that are soft on the skin (but not on leaks) with a colorful, waterproof outer for the ultimate in gentle hypo-allergenic protection.

Simply pop into your bra (remember that the white bamboo layer sits against the skin) and you're ready to roll. Bacteria thrive in warm, moist environments so change pads when damp.

Lactivate® Reusable Nursing Pads are designed in Australia and are machine washable. We recommend using a delicates bag when washing and allowing it to air dry. Do not tumble dry or iron.

Each pack contains 4 breast pads (as per the picture) which are approximately 12cm in diameter.

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