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The Breast of Breastfeeding Bundle

The Breast of Breastfeeding Bundle

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The Breast of Breastfeeding! All your favorite products in one convenient bundle. It makes the perfect gift for breastfeeding mums. From breast pumps and breastmilk storage to the LaVie lactation Massager and other essentials, this bundle has everything you need to maximize breastfeeding success. 

This bundle includes:

1 x Haakaa Silicone Breastpump and Cap Combo - 100ml
1 x Pump Strap Hands-Free Pumping Bra - Black
1 x LaVie Lactation Massager - Rose
1 x Junobie Reusable Silicone Breastmilk Storage Bags - 4pk
1 x Lactivate Breast Heat & Ice Packs

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