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Mummas Got Milk

The Ultimate Pack

The Ultimate Pack

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Our best compilation yet! Designed to take the tiniest human into toddler years and beyond.

The Ultimate Pack includes:

  • 3 x 210ml or 400ml feeding bottles, with collar and lid for travel
  • Anti-colic, silicone teat
    • 3 x New-born slow flow anti-colic Teat (0m+)
    • 3 x medium flow anti-colic Teat (3m+)
    • 3 x Fast flow anti-colic Teat (6m+)
  • 3 x Storage caps
  • 3 x Sippy cup adaptors (9m+)
  • 3 x Straw adaptors with brush
  • Neoprene zooper-dooper holder to hold straws, including cleaning straws.

In the early months, the bottles will be most useful as a typical baby bottle but can be capped and put in the freezer to store breastmilk. They can also be sat in a mug of freshly boiled water to bring it to a pleasant drinking temperature for baby


Before you know it, the baby is 6 months, and you find that you can easily convert the bottle base to a puree cup, and then a Sippy cup too!


All the while, spare straws are kept in a neoprene sleeve that doubles as an ice block holder (yes, no paper towel is needed for that zooper/doper).


All components are dishwasher safe, although for longer life we recommend the plastic/silicone components are placed on the top rack, or sterilized separately.

No running back to the shops for new teats every few weeks -  get totally set and sorted with the Ultimate Pack!

These bottles are so durable, they will be with your family for years to come!

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