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Perineal Recovery Pack

Perineal Recovery Pack

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Lactivate ® Perineal Range - We also care for you down there!

You can spend so much time preparing for your newborn that you can neglect planning for your own recovery post-childbirth. Help speed up recovery time 'down there' with the Perineal Recovery pack!

The Lactivate® Peri Bottle helps make postpartum healing cleaner and easier with its ergonomic design that features a narrow angled neck that allows you to clean yourself easily. Help speed up recovery time and prevent infection after childbirth with this portable bidet that is easy to use.

The Lactivate® Perineal Ice and Heat Packs provide instant, soothing relief to the perineal area after childbirth for common post-birth issues including; swelling, grazes, tears, and stitches.  

This bundle includes;

- 1 x Lactivate Perineal Ice Pack

- 1 x Lactivate Peri Bottle


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